Monday, August 23, 2010

Being Happy with Maintaining

A couple of weeks ago I was complaining to Patrick about being on a long, long plateau for weight-loss.  I lost so much in such a short time, between December and March, but since then I have slowed almost to a stop.  It can be really frustrating when I still have so much to lose and when I am still working out almost every day.  If I am completely honest I know why it has happened.  In the beginning of this life change I was really, really strict about what I ate.  I logged Everything!  Tracked calories and tracked all exercise.  I am still making healthy choices but I am not tracking and I will eat a few carbs here and there. (still not dessert!)  So to start seeing the big movements on the scale I know that I need to go back to tracking and to not eating carbs.  But here is the positive spin....

I have maintained a 70 pound weight loss for 5 months!  For anyone that has been "on a diet" and lost know that keeping it off is the hard part.  Luckily for me I am not on a diet.  I have made a life-style change.  For life!  It's important that I am able to lead a regular life (not tracking every bite) and still be healthy and active.

Losing weight is exciting and getting positive feedback is great!  The feeling of accomplishment in weight loss is easy.  The hard part is realizing that maintaining is just as big of an accomplishment.  And it is!

So I will keep on moving and keep on making good choices and keep being happy!

Love, Laura

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

It's been awhile!  but I'm back.  I'm back on the blog and I am back to running!  Injuries are NO FUN!  I have been through some minor set-ups on this road to health but this was a major roadblock!  Major.  I strained a ligament in my knee that sidelined me from even walking!  It was torture.  and I gained 6 pounds in about 8 weeks.

Well those pounds are gone...again.  and yesterday...I ran!!  The PT said that I would know when I could run again.  and I did.  He advised to start back on the c25k program again.  I did...on week 3.  and my knee felt great!  and still feels great!!  Yes, it still gets a little stiff when I sit too long.  But it has come a long way!

What did I learn from this latest adventure?  To stretch!  A lot!  and that I can do this.  I can be healthy and make the right choices for life.  This is not some diet that has an end.  I am not working out until I lose X amount of pounds.  No, this is me.  This is my new life and I am loving it!

Love, Laura :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

WWLD? and Bathing Suit Shopping(yuck!)

My sister, Beth, is having a challenging month in the Virgin Islands.  I won't go into details but suffice to say working out has not been easy.  We hadn't touched base for a few days so I decided to call and check up on her...not knowing that my sister, Dolly, called her in the same day.  The next day I received a voice mail from Beth that, basically, said "Your good cop/bad cop routine worked and I am back to exercising."  This is what happened...Beth had similar phone calls with each of us.  Dolly (the obviously nicer sister) was very understanding about the difficulties in finding a way to exercise.  My conversation went more like this "well, have you tried..." "or what about this..." "Can you go here...?" "Can you do this...".  So Beth has decided when she runs into obstacles finding a way to exercise she thinks...What would Laura do? (WWLD) and finds a way.  I am so happy to report that she ran, in place - it was the only way!, for 20 minutes straight.  Major accomplishment!  and done even with numerous obstacles!  I find it amusing that I am an inspiration for anyone concerning exercise.  I am still trying to figure this all out for myself.  Right now I am just doing something,...every day.  On non-exercise days...I still walk about 3 miles.  So that leads me to yesterday and the dreaded bathing suit shopping.  UGH!

6 months of eating healthy and exercising every day is great for your self-esteem.  10 minutes in the dressing room trying on bathing suits and it's all shot to hell.  Do you know that they have mirrors that reflect every angle?  Do you know that the lights are really bright?  Do you know that you are not as fit as you think you are? (at least I am not)  It was horrid!  And the suits!  They are either made for someone that has never birthed and breastfed kids or someone that has fake boobs.(or both)  No support, at all.  It was humorous to have the kids bring over suits in my size...that were 2 tiny pieces of triangular material...hahaha yeah, right.  So, I was Macy's...finally.  and on sale!  The name of my suit?  "My Cup Runneth Over" I really wish that I was kidding.  But I am not.  The important thing is that it fit...and nothing hangs out that shouldn't.  and I was able to take the kids swimming yesterday...and have fun and exercise!

Hope that you are doing the same!


oh, and if you are waiting for a picture of my suit.  Don't hold your breath!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Staying Healthy While Working Full-time

I started a full-time job on June 1st.  Not only am I working from 8am until 5pm but I am commuting "over-the-hill" to Santa Cruz.  I leave the house at 7am and get home at 6pm.  Monday through Friday.

This is a big change for me and I really had to be creative to keep my work-out routine going.


I was right in the middle of a bootcamp session,  Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:30am until 6:30am, and I didn't want to stop going.  I wake up at 4am and do things around the house, pick an outfit, make my lunch and made sure that everything is ready to go.  Leave bootcamp 10 minutes early...arrive home at 6:30am and am on 85 showered, dressed and with 7-11 coffee in hand by 6:55am.  That is fast!  .  Is it a little crazy between 6:30 and 7am?  yes, but so worth it!  I love my bootcamp class and don't ever want to give it up.

On Tuesday and Thursday I try to go to the gym at 5am, workout until 6am and start over.  I have to admit that I took a couple of those mornings off.  I have been pretty exhausted.

The good news is that I found a great walking path at work.  I am able to get in a 2 mile walk (with hills!) at lunch...every day.

Bootcamp is officially over until August 1st  (our coach has summer commitments)  BUT a group of us have committed to meeting at a local park every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (same time!) Our wonderful coach (thank you, Lisa!) is giving us exercise plans.  I am very, very happy to keep up this M, W, F morning routine.  I do start to fade at about 3pm and have to take a little walk outside and drink a lot of water.  I am trying to stay with my one cup of caffeine a day.  Which leads me to...


I am using the fact that I work in an office that does not have any easily accessible food to bring only healthy options every day.  I have found (by trial and error - coming home really hungry) that it is best if I eat 3 snacks while at work and include a protein.  So around 10am I have something like carrots and hummus, 12:30 or 1pm I will have something like salad or veggie soup and then about 3; apple and nuts.  I get home from work at about 6pm and Patrick and the girls usually have dinner ready (awesome of them!)

Going forward

I am starting to train for a 10K - that means I have to fit running into my schedule.  My plan is to run at 5:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays and for a longer period one of the weekend days.  I am looking forward to running in my new shoes!!  yay!

About my shoes!

For the first time, I went to a real running store and was fitted for real running shoes! I have walked (and run) miles and miles in my old shoes and it was past time.  Running Revolution in Campbell was recommended to me months ago but I had been procrastinating.  Part of the reason was money (of course) but the main reason is that I was intimidated to go into a "runner's store".  A store where everyone is super-fit and would wonder why I was there.  I finally could not stand my old shoes another day and went to the store.  It was wonderful.  I was greeted as soon as I entered and received excellent service.  I stood on some kind of device that measured my arch height, shoe size and how I stood.  Then I was fitted with shoes with no support and was video taped running on a treadmill.  I set my own pace (12:20) and the sales person said "That is my pace, too.  We could run together!"  umm..yeah probably her pace when she does Iron Man...but it was nice of her to say. :)  I found out that I am neutral..I don't tilt! :)  I was fitted with several different shoes and each time would take a little jog outside.  Yes, they have you actually run outside in the shoes.  When I tried on MY shoes...I knew.  Immediately.  They are perfect.  They put a bounce in my step and I am going to hate taking them off.  I may petition a dress-code change at work.  Business casual and super-cool running shoes OK! 

So the point of this loquacious post?
You can work full-time (or fill-in with whatever excuse you have) and still exercise and eat right.  Remember, if I can can do it!
and get thee to a running shoe store...if you are local...go here

Thanks for reading!

Love, Laura

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My First 5K!

I did it! I just ran my first 5K!  Well ran may be a little strong.  More like jog.  But I didn't walk!  My goal was to just finish...and not be last.  But then I started running...and just kept running some more.  I was telling myself...I don't want to tell people that I ran part of a I need to stop running at a marker.  I came to the 1/2 mile mark...and that was too soon.  So I decided to run to the turn-around..1/2 way.  Then I could say I ran 1/2 of a 5K.  but then I ran around the cones and kept going.  One more song on the iPod.  To that next street.  I even looked at the cross streets and thought "If I stop here...I can drive back with the car later and mile mark it"  but by the time I thought that...I was still running.  Then I made a friend.  We decided that we could Both make it!  Sometimes she ran in front of me...and sometimes I ran in front of her.  and we both made it!

I almost cried when I crossed the finish line.  6 months ago I was happy on days when I walked 2 miles, and that would wear me out.  Today I ran.  I ran a 5K!

If I can do can you!!!

Love, Laura

this is the race...
See Jane Run 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Choosing to be Happy!

This blog is about happiness!  Yay for happy!  Yay for optimism!

I am, mostly, a happy person.  Is my life perfect?  Hell, no!  But that doesn't mean that I have to dwell on the negative.  I choose to be happy.  And you can too.

Happiness is an emotion and therefore completely under our own personal control.  Too many people depend on outside influences to control their own happiness.  "If he calls, I will be happy", "If I get the job, I will be happy", "If that guy gets voted off Idol, I will be happy" (I don't watch the there even voting?)  Anyway!  the point is that you cannot count on something (or someone) outside of yourself to make you happy.  People and events will disappoint us and if you are dependent upon these people and/or events for your happiness...guess what?  You will be sad and disappointed.  Don't do it!

If you don't believe me...listen to the Dalai Lama

Happiness is determined more by the state of one’s mind than by one’s external conditions, circumstances, or events—at least once one’s basic survival needs are met. 

This is from the wonderful book...

And because this blog is about living healthy...being happy is good for your health!  I have been doing some reading on this topic and have read that happy people have healthier hearts and immune systems.

How to get Happy
I like the old adage "fake it until you make it".  Sure there are times when I am crabby, sad, and/or irritated but instead of staying with these yuck feelings I try to pretend that I am happy.  Your body doesn't really know the difference and you can fake it out.  try it!

I did some reading about How to get Happy and like the following ideas:

1.  Strike a Yoga pose.  Yoga and meditation - love them both and they make me happy!
2.  Talk to a friend
3.  Go for a walk (even better while talking to a friend!)
4.  Listen to upbeat music and dance if that makes you happy
5.  Do something for someone else (no, not the laundry or all the things that we do every day!  something new and someone give a sandwich to a homeless person...I buy an extra coffee and give it to a woman whenever I see her on my walk to get coffee.  It makes me happy and it makes her happy and she even likes the vanilla cream that I use!)
6.  Whatever makes YOU happy.  A hot shower, sex, writing in a journal, painting.  You know you own personal happy place.  Go there.  Often!

To end I have a great quote from my sister-in-law, Tabra

Never be dependent outside of yourself for your own self-esteem

Self-esteem = happiness?  I think so.

Go out and be happy my friends! (oh and go for a walk!)

With Love and Happiness,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Focus on the Positive!

This blog is a lesson that I need to learn myself.  I'll start with a quote from my wonderful bootcamp coach, Lisa Jacobs
Sometimes we can be our own biggest critics. I don't know about you but sometimes the negative mantra tape plays over and over in my head "You aren't good enough, fast enough,cute enough, you don't try hard, I'm disappointed in you, why couldn't you do that etc"...
I hope you will start to change the words played over and over in your head this weekend to something like "I did it. I improved. I am proud. I am strong. I am powerful. I am wonderful. I am created exactly how I am suppose to be. I took the challenge and stepped up. I feel good" Tell someone in your life about what you did this past week and instead of saying "Yeah, but I was the slowest, sweatiest, biggest, worst etc" Say "I am proud of my hard work." Period.  See how it feels!
The idea for this blog came after having a conversation with Patrick (my husband) about body image.  I had just come in from the gym (at 6:45AM) and he said "Do you even realize how thin you are getting?"  and I immediately said "But look at my stomach! and my inner-thighs! and my butt!".  We continued the conversation while I was getting undressed and he asked me to say what I like about myself.  This is how the conversation went..."I like my stomach but only these exact 3 inches.  I like my legs OK...they are strong now but I hate this part.  My butt isn't bad...except for this part"  I could not say anything nice about myself without including an exception.    I didn't focus on my new muscles! or my increased stamina! or my smaller jean size!  or my better overall health!  We discussed how I need to make sure that I am not saying these things in front of the kids.  So that made me think about what I should be saying in front of my daughters. and to myself!  I could use some help with this!  But this is what I have come up with so far...

"I feel so strong!"  "I love to run" "Wasn't it fun to run down all those hills in San Francisco?" "Eating healthy makes me feel so good!" "I did about 40 push ups today!  Want to try some together?"

So my advice (from someone that is still learning...every day!) is to focus on your positive!  What would your biggest supporter say to you?  about you?  Turn off that negative voice!

and today....MOVE IT!  Just go.  Do anything. walk, run, dance, skip (yes. you can!  We do it in bootcamp and it is kinda fun...especially if you say 'lalalala" while you are skipping!)  You will thank me (and yourself) later!  really.  and please post a comment and tell me about it! 

and by the way, you look fabulous!

with love,